An insight-led strategic communications consultancy

Sister agency to freuds


To tell your story effectively first you need to read the room. 

Republic is an insight-led communications consultancy. We deliver insights that fuel communications strategies capable of affecting change; and use them to build narratives that influence, amplify, and engage.

For a story or a strategy to land, it must be rooted in an understanding of its context. Republic start by listening to how and why people think the way they do, what drives their perceptions, and what feeds their expectations. By doing this we connect our clients’ stories to their audiences’ priorities.

Our experienced, multilingual team of experts use qualitative and quantitative methodologies to elicit the most relevant and valuable insights from key audiences globally. We specialise in Opinion Formers: those who are instrumental in shaping and influencing the landscape. We place our emphasis on analysis and storytelling, by interrogating findings and joining the dots between cultural context and commercial imperatives. We produce thoughtful, actionable reports that tell our clients where their reputations currently stand, and how to move them forward.

We share our central London office space with the 200+ colleagues from our sister agency, freuds, and the other companies in The Brewery Group.


Strategic Positioning

Our work enables clients to navigate their operating context by developing reputation and communications strategies based on intelligent and rigorously conducted research.

Message Development

We help our clients to develop compelling, credible narratives and to articulate key concepts based on thorough evaluation of iterative message testing among key target audiences.

Thought Leadership

We push new areas of understanding and shape agendas by providing evidence-based research and content, around which to provoke interest and raise brand profile.



Republic is made up of a senior team of socio/political/consumer research experts.

Alice Cartner-Morley, Founder

Alina Triggs, Managing Director

Tom Mludzinski, Associate Director

Moritz Reinsch, Associate Director

Eleanor Marshall, Associate Director

Adam Ludlow, Associate Director

Helen Tang, Associate Director

Sally Mears, Senior Associate

Sophie Campbell, Senior Associate

Romane Donat, Senior Associate

Henri Ghosn, Senior Associate

Hannah King, Senior Associate

Alex Koskull, Senior Associate


Phone +44 (0)20 3003 6300 or email